Monday, 31 August 2015

Aztec Blue

This design contains two of my favouroite things in nail varnish, Aztec patterns and cobalt blue! In the background is my work bag which is making me feel pretty sad after a lovely week off. Who knows what horrors I will return to tomorrow! Not quite sure how my hands came out quite so pale in this picture but I think it goes quite well with the nail varnish so never mind!

For the Aztec pattern I took inspiration from Pinterest and amended a little. I outlined the pattern in black nail art pen on a plain white base, and then filled in the spaces with black polish and a small nail art brush for a stronger colour. The blue used is Nails Inc's Baker Street which is one of my favourite nail varnishes, they have captured my favourite shade of blue well. I have almost finished my first bottle and have another lined up!

Colours used: Baker Street - Nails Inc, White - Barry M, Nail Art Pen in Black - Barry M, New York Noir - Nails Inc

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