Sunday, 28 May 2017

Stamping Sunday - Holiday Nails

Hi everyone! Today I'm bringing you my holiday nails from my week in Scotland. I have to admit I am not happy to be home, it was a great week! I used Mo You Londons Scandi 01 plate to create some holiday themed nails before I went. I liked the idea of trying to spot all the things on my nails on the holiday, but didn't quite manage to get them all! I saw sun, clouds, rain, hills (but not snow capped mountains) and castles. Sadly I saw no ferris wheels, light houses, hot air balloons or volkswagen camper vans.

I used my Uber Mat and the advanced stamping technique to create this with a variety of colours (listed below the images). You can see a picture tutorial how I did it here. I love the Scandi plates and all the options with them, I'm looking forward to using them for some similar London themed designs at some point, but I have a long long list of things to try so it might be a while!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
Colours used: Blueberry - Barry M, Black Knight - Mo You London, Spring Green - Barry M, Alpine Snow - OPI, Key Lime - Barry M, Dead Heat - Barry M, Cappuccino - Barry M, Cocoa - Barry M, Seven Dials - Nails Inc

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Claws on claws

Hi everyone! I'm writing to you very sleepy in Scotland after a long walk looking for beavers! I'm on holiday this week. I made another (yes another!) purchase from Rainbow Connection a few weeks back and decided to try Tonic Polish. I bought two different purples, this bright metallic one with a hint of sparkle is called toxic.

I quickly got a little restless not having any nail art, so came up with the simple idea of adding some claws on my claws! They are based on my little microwaveable cuddly dinosaur, Cedric. I've included a picture of him below the nail art.

I used a small nail art brush to outline the green, and then filled them in using the brush in the nail polish bottle, and the nail art brush. I then used the nail art brush to add the little black claws, they were a nice easy shape to paint. I'm not sure the pictures quite capture the shade of purple but at least you get the shinyness!
Colours used: Toxic - Tonic Polish, Key Lime - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Instagram Nail Art Collaboration

Hi everyone, tonight I have nail art themed nail art for you! Nail art within nail art, like a dolls house within a dolls house...

So this was for a nail addicts collaboration I took part in on Instagram (the full collage can be seen on Instagram @nailaddictscollab). I went through a few different ideas of what I'd do for this one, but then stumbled across the Artist 20 plate from Mo You London, I was really taken with the images of nail art tools such as brushes, dotting tools and silicone brush tools. So I grabbed it when getting some of the new cactus plates from their hipster collection.

I went for a watery pastely theme so the tools stood out, and wanted to show the mess created when creating nail art! The dripping polish image is actually from a Mo You London Halloween plate. but I think it suits nail polish better than blood! I used a pale pink to stamp the image and then went over it with glitter.

Please do check out the other designs on Instagram!
Colours used: Alpine Snow - OPI, Mint Green - Barry M, Berry - Barry M, Blue Moon - Barry M, Surfboard - Barry M, Charming  - Illyrian, Black Knight - Mo You London

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Stamping Sunday: I don't know what to call this!

Having writers block with what to call this nail art, so I've gone for a very honest blog title! I ended up thinking of this design because I had a lovely blue glitter, and grey/black metallic I wanted to use and hadn't tried yet, and the combination worked better than I has expected, took me a long time to change these!

So on my thumb and little finger nails I used Black Diamond from Nails Inc , and on my middle fingers I used Saltwater Summer from Painted Polish. I was pleasantly surprised by both of these. The glitter was fuller coverage than expected so didn't need to be sponged on.

For the accent nails I used a white base, and then made decals on my Uber Mat (you can see how here) using my Holy Shapes 03 stamping plate from Mo You London. I filled them in with the same polishes I used on my other nails, stuck them down and used a glossy top coat (Nails Inc's Kensington Caviar) to finish off.
Colours used: Black Diamond - Nails Inc, Alpine Snow - OPI, Black Knight - Mo You London, Saltwater Summer - Painted Polish

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Stamping Sunday: Cacti with Kaleidoscope

Hi everyone! Tonight I'm showing you the sparkly cactus nail art I did for the bank holiday last weekend. I spent the weekend staying in a cottage on the grounds of Montacute House National Trust property with my boyfriend and his family, so these pictures bring back fond memories!

For the cactus images I used the Uber Chic succulent plate and the reverse stamping technique with my Uber Mat. You can see instructions in pictures here. The green glitter I used was Secret from Fun Lacquer which isn't full cover, so I used a Spring Green from Barry M behind it to give it a stronger colour. For the accent nail and thumb nail I used a peel off base coat and sponged on Kaleidoscope from Fun Lacquer which I think had a good contrast with the cacti.

I used different images on each hand but all my pictures of the right hand a pretty blurry so I've only included one today!
Colours used: Lakodom - Picture Polish, Kaleidoscope - ILNP, Black Knight - Mo You London, Blueberry - Barry M, Pomegranate - Barry M, Key Lime - Barry M, Spring Green - Barry M, Secret - Fun Lacquer

Thursday, 4 May 2017


Hi everyone! Today I bring you... purrmaid nail art!! Some time just over a year ago when we'd not long moved into our flat, we stumbled across some 'purrmaid' bedding in Asda when doing our food shop. Not where I'd ussually buy bedding but they were so awesome and weird, we just had to! So it
was only right that I created some nail art to honour them!

I started out trying to freehand entire purrmaids, but it was a bit fiddly so I decided to do a more abstract design. I used a small nail art brush to freehand the cat faces on my pointer finger, and my Bundle Monster Twi Star stamping plate for the tails, shells and mermaid scales pattern. I was really pleasantly surprised with how well Fun Lacquers Northern Lights works as a mermaid tail shade! It was lovedly and colour shifty.

I enjoyed this design for it's quirkiness, though I think the cat faces could have been a little neater, and the tails where quite thick, as I had to use quite a few layers of Northern  Lights to get even coverage. You can see the bedding that inspired this nail art here.
Colours used: Blue Moon - Barry M, Central Station - ILNP, Blueberry - Barry M, Cobalt - Barry M, Northern Lights - Fun Lacquer, Foil Effects In Gold - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI, Surfboard - Barry M