Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Nails Inc Blame It On The Rainbow

Hello world! Just a quick blog post today in the form of a review of one of the Nails Inc duo's. I'd been considering this for a while but I'm not much of a pink person, but then I found it in TK Maxx so it was clearly meant to be! I normally wear nail art and decided to try this during the week between a couple of other designs, and ended up keeping it on longer than expected as it was so lovely.

What's Poppin' is a lovely bright yet warm pink with a hint of lilac. I don't usually go for pink but I was so pleased with how this looked. The shade is flattering and so glossy. I was also really please with the consistency and the brush was a great shape making it easy to use. I used two coats as I could just about see some nail line when I held my nails up to the light with one coat, but this could definitely work as a one coater.

Rainbow Sprinkles is exactly what it says on the tin! A mixture of different coloured glitter particles in a clear base. It's super sparkly and fun! The glitter is fairly densely packed so I built this up with a few coats rather than sponging it on. I did use a sheer pink base as I knew my nail would show a little underneath, however I think the glitter distracted my eyes away from that anyway!

So as you can see - a clear winner! I would definitely recommend this duo.
Colours used: What's Poppin - Nails Inc, Rainbow Sprinkles - Nails Inc, Bashful - Barry M

Monday, 25 November 2019

Glittering Wave Nail Art - Inspired by Rye and Hastings

Hey everyone! Getting a bit behind on my nail blogging again... no surprises there! These ones were inspired by a weekend away we had a few weeks ago for my birthday. To be honest they didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but there are elements of them I like. I still feel like I need SO much work on my nail photo taking skills too!

So the places we visited on the weekend away were Rye and Hastings. We also went to a steam museum on the way to Rye, which is making me think maybe I should try some steampunk nail art! We stayed in  a lovely little Airbnb cabin on a farm, it was delightful! The anchor and the images on my little fingernails were stamped directly, and for the waves and sailing boat I used the advanced stamping technique to colour them in, or add glitter in the case of the waves. On my index finger I sponged on some glitter, and then used a reverse stamping image from the UberChic Lovely Leaves 01 plate with the blue polish. It didn't show up as well as I'd hoped so I stamped it again, but that didn't work too well, particularly on my right hand.

So all in all I think these are OK. I like the colours and the theme, but it came out a bit messier than I'd anticipated, and didn't really wow me!
Colours used: Laguna - Barry M, Cream Soda - Barry M, Little Bo Peep - Rimmel, Grey - Barry M, Northern Lights (H) - Fun Lacquer, White Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Cosmic Girl - Danglefoot Polish

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Foxy Autumn Nails

Hey everyone, I'm back again already with some more autumn nail art! I enjoyed doing these on Sunday afternoon at my grandparents house, I've been wanting to try these fox images from the Uber Chic Woodland Chic stamping plate for quite some time. I used a cream base for most nails, and on the accent nail, black with a gold flakie topper. It's an old Nails Inc one I picked up in TK Maxx a few years ago.

I stamped the images onto the cream nail polish and then added a layer of quick dry top coat to protect them from the nail polish remover in the next step. Once dry I mixed some sharpie ink and nail polish remover on a piece of tin foil, and used a small nail art brush to colour in the images. I had to mix it up quite a few times as it dries pretty fast!

There wasn't much more to this one really! It took a while as there were a few layers of polish to dry but it was a pretty simple process. I used sharpie ink as I don't really have any fox coloured nail polish! They did come out a bit more of a bright orange than I was going for but I suppose they are cartoon foxes so it kind of works!
Colours used: Cream Soda - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI, Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Orange Sharpie, The Donmar - Nails Inc

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Purple Magic - Post Halloween Nail Art

Hello world! It feels like I haven't blogged for ages! I've just had two lovely weekends away, the first for my birthday (went to the seaside!) and the second visiting my grandparents. For my birthday I wore a beautiful deep purple with multi coloured flakies which you can see on my Instagram. I followed that up with this magic themed look which I had been planning to wear for Halloween, but I loved my sugar skull ones so much I kept them on instead!

For this look I started with a base of Ava from ILNP, a polish I'd been meaning to try for ages, but somehow kept forgetting! For the images on my nails, excluding the snake, I used the advanced stamping technique to create decals on my Uber Mat. You can see how here. I used a gold outline and filled them in with some of the Barry M Under the Sea polishes. With hindsight I think I should have used a black outline for most of them. I thought that wouldn't stand out well enough against the purple, but the gold doesn't stand out too well against the iridescent polishes.

I used images from the Mo You London Crystal 01, Minimal 07 and Animal 15 plates, and the Uber Chic Woodland Chic and Wild Luxury: Cold Blooded plates. Some of the crystal images have little stars around them which I added to the mushroom images as well. Overall I'm pretty pleased with these though I will tweak them a little if I do them again.
Colours used: Ava - ILNP,  Foil Effects in Gold - Barry M, Peridot - Cirque Colors, Butterflyfish - Barry M, Jellyfish - Barry M, Moonfish - Barry M