Sunday, 26 January 2020

Steampunk Nails with a hint of danger!

Hi everyone, hope you are having or have had a lovely weekend! I had a yummy takeaway pizza for tea so am feeling pretty good about that... but have kept feeling a bit under the weather lately and can't seem to shake it. Must be a January thing. So the inspiration for this look was a lovely lady who comments on my blog posts (thank you! :) ) who said she'd love to see some steampunk nail art from me after I mentioned it in a previous blog post. So, here it is. I had good fun with this one!

So on three of my nails on each hand I painted my nails black, and then used the Steampunk 02 plate from Mo You London to apply the steampunk images in gold. On my thumb and ring finger nails I used Candlelight from ILNP, which I was drawn to after seeing one of their Instagram posts and I really like it! Good subtle shimmer and perfectly wintery.

So the next bit of this nail art is where it get's interesting... In my nail art box I have some little steampunk nail accessories which have been lurking around for some time after I bought them from She Sells Seashells. Unfortunately they are no longer trading but I do still have quite a lot of stuff from them. So on my ring finger and thumb nails I stuck the little trinkets down with clear polish, and it soon became clear they were pretty 3D and would need something stronger! So I did two separate layers of gel top coat to hold it all in place, and one layer on my other nails too so they had the same consistency.

So the overall verdict is I loved the way these looked! It's a good wintery colour scheme and something a bit fun and different. However I only kept them on for about 24 hours as despite all the gel there were a lot of rough or sharp edges, which besides catching on everything actually cut my finger at one point! (ridiculous I know! :D). I'm so glad I did these though, and sometimes it is fun to have short lived nail art as it gives me an excuse to do more!
Colours used: Lady In Black - OPI, Candlelight - ILNP, Foil Effect In Gold - Barry M, Steampunk Nail Accessories - She Sells Seashells

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Fancy Little Fox Nails

Hi all! Got some kind of autumnal nail art to share with you today. I've used three nail polishes I got for Christmas and really like the way it came out. Definitely making use of these again in the autumn but hopefully before then too! The only polishes I already had in this look are the cream and white polishes, and the black stamping polish. Colours are listed below the pictures, and there are a couple of bonus pictures this time, including one of a leaf decal I made as I love the way it looked shimmering away on my Uber Mat!

So I started with a base of cream on my middle two fingernails on each hand on my thumb nails. On my index and little finger nails I used my new flakie polishes which I alternated on each hand, as I did with the leaf and fox images. For the leaf and fox designs I used my Uber Mat to create decals as I always do! You can see how here. For the leaves I used the UberChic Lovely Leaves 01 plate, and for the foxes I used the Woodland Chic plate. They're so cute and I'm so glad I finally have a fox appropriate shade to colour them in with!

So as I mentioned before I really like these! It was the first time I'd tried Polished For Days (Christmas presents from my parents) and I'm really happy with the formula and overall look. I particularly like Birch, the silvery one, and love the way they both look on the leaves. The fox shade is from Essie and was a Christmas present from my boyfriend as he knew I'd been looking for something like that, previous designs where I've used the fox images have come out way too orange! One final thing to say in this blog post is sorry about my thumb cuticles, they are pretty dry at the moment and I had a paper cut under one of them so they look a bit gross in the close up pictures!
Colours used: Birch - Polished For Days, Meadow - Polished For Days, Cream Soda - Barry M, Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Playing Koi - Essie, Floral Street - Nails Inc

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Subtle Floral Nail Art With Maud In Mind

Hey everyone - long time no speak! I haven't found the time to do a lot of nail art recently but I have this one and one more lined up to share with you. Today's nail art is a good work friendly look, or one for adding something extra to a dark wintery colour. I actually wore this to the funeral of my Great Aunt Maud as she liked the colour purple, though it did come out a bit darker than I anticipated. I think she preferred lighter shades. Auntie Maud was the most positive person I have ever known, always smiling and always grateful for what she had. I hope I can inherit those traits from her and will sorely miss going to visit her and having a good giggle!

I could go on but as this is my nail blog I'm going to say a little about how I achieved this look. I used the purple polish on most nails and silver for an accent nail on each hand (colours listed below images). For the design on the accent nail I used the Flower Power 23 stamping plate from Mo You London, and the advanced stamping technique using my Uber Mat. You can see how here. I chose black and white to keep it simple and am glad I did as I think it works well with the silver.
Colours used: Vintage Violet - Barry M,  Silver Lining - Barry M, Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Floral Street - Nails Inc

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely new years eve, whether it was a big night out or a quiet night in. I had a family new years eve this year which was good fun, although I'm annoyed with myself for missing a trick and not having a 20's themed party!

I had this idea a few weeks ago for new year and am pleased with how it turned out, definitely one of my best new year looks. I started with a gradient of two shades of purple (colours listed below pictures) and then used some metallic polishes for the fireworks using Mo You London's Festive 05 plate. I also used this plate for the Happy New Year wording on my thumb. I was going to get 2020 in there somewhere but it didn't work out that way in the end, also now thinking I should have done some 20's nail art! Ah well, plenty of time for that over the next decade! For the London skyline I used the clairestelle8 plate from Maniology, it turned out to be the perfect size.

I'll keep this blog post short and sweet but as mentioned before, really happy with these! Wishing you lots of positive things for 2020 and beyond!
Colours used: Wardour Street - Nails Inc, Wigmore Street - Nails Inc, Foil Effects in Gold - Barry M, Foil Effects in Silver - Barry M, Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection

Monday, 30 December 2019

Traditional Christmas Stamping

Hello all, one more Christmas nail art to share before we're in the new year! To me this look is a bit more classic and not as overtly Christmassy as some of my other looks, I was inspired by someone I saw on a Facebook nail group who did lovely navy and gold nails with a gold accent, and am really pleased that I tried out some more of the classic looking images on my Mo You London Noel 01 stamping plate.

Simplicity was the key to this look, though it still took a little while waiting for all the layers to dry! I started with a base of Bobbing for Baubles by Essie, it needed a bit of a shake and was darker than I remembered but I'm pleased with it, I was going for a sort of muted navy look. On my accent nail I used a gold base and then sponged on some gold glitter, it's a pretty old one so stank the room out a bit - I dread to think what chemicals are in there, definitely not 3-free!

On the navy blue I used gold metallic nail polish to stamp some images from the Noel 01 plate, and a matte topcoat over the top. They are quite traditional looking and I'm really pleased I tried them out without colouring them in as they are quite detailed and I think that really shines through in gold over navy. It's a shame the bottom right picture didn't come out very well but the thumbs were my favourite, I love how the snowman is a perfect fir for my thumb nail!
Colours used: Bobbing for Baubles - Essie, Gold Digger - Barry M, Foil Effect in Gold - Barry M, Gold Glitter - Barry M

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Christmas Scenes for Christmas Day

Hi all - hope you had a lovely Christmas! My Christmas Day nail art didn't quite turn out how I wanted this year but I think it's OK. That has happened a few times before, probably because I try something new and exiting I haven't done before, and then don't have time to change it if I'm not so sure! Christmas Day itself was lovely though!

I started with a base of white nail polish, and then stamped some Christmas scene images from Mo You London's Noel 01 stamping plate in black. I love the images, they are so detailed and remind me of Mole's Christmas, a short Wind in the Willows Christmas special me and my sisters watch every year before Christmas. My initial plan was to use the sharpie technique where you water down the sharpie ink with nail polish remover on tin foil, and with hindsight I probably should have stuck to this. Instead I decided to colour the images in with the sharpies, straight onto the nail polish (a top coat was applied first). This gives stronger colours but I think they were probably a little too strong/dark in this case as it takes away from the detail of the images. I also ended up with one sharpie coming out a lot more neon orange than expected!

Once the sharpie colouring was complete I used a dotting tool to add some shimmer over the white snow, and a few little silver dots as stars. I liked how the shimmer turned out though you can't see if well in these pictures. So overall I think these were OK but I would definitely do them differently next time.
Colours used: Floral Street - Nails Inc, Assorted Sharpies, Balancing Act - Nails Inc

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas Countdown Nails!

Happy Christmas Eve! The nail art I'm sharing with you today is one I was excited to try after the idea came to mind when we picked up a little count down to Christmas decoration at an arcade in Hastings. The idea was to put numbers on my nails and cross them off as the days went by. In the end I didn't cross any off after 5 as I think they looked nicer with the numbers showing! I really enjoyed bringing an advent calendar feeling to my nails. Maybe next year I can somehow have pictures that I uncover as a countdown to Christmas?

I started with a base of Christmas Cookie by ILNP on all the nails where I wanted to put images, Say Love (also ILNP) on a couple more, and for the green base I used green polish topped with green glitter (colours listed below the pictures). For the images I used the advanced stamping technique with stamping plates Noel 03 from Mo You London and Happy Christmas from UberChic. For the background patterns beneath the numbers I used more images from the Happy Christmas plate and Holiday Spirit, also from UberChic. On the Happy Christmas plate there is a little circle for colouring in one of the bauble images which was a perfect base for the numbers. The numbers are from Mo You London's Typography 04 plate.

I'm really happy with how these turned out, I love the little mouse with a hot cocoa image! I've enjoyed having these very festive colours on too! I felt a little sad to be taking them off today but by Christmas Day nail art must be done!
Colours used: Christmas Cookie - ILNP, Say Love - ILNP, Watermelon - Barry M, Secret - Fun Lacquer, Primadonna - Danglefoot, Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, White Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Little Bo Peep - Rimmel, Foil Effects in Gold - Barry M