Friday, 21 June 2019

Safari Sunset Nails

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Some more catch up nails today, my first really summery nails of the year. I have had a safari nail design with a water reflection on my to do list for about two years, and even bought a small stamping plate on eBay especially for it, and have finally got round to it! I was inspired by Cassis P on YouTube, who has done a how to video for this effect.

I started with a base of white on all nails, then used black stamping polish for the zebra print pattern on my little and index fingernails. On my other nails I printed the safari image the right way up around the middle of my nails. For the reverse pattern I had to make decals so that the images could be placed the right way round (if I had stamped them they wouldn't have matched up with the pattern above). I did this by stamping the images onto some clear polish on my Uber Mat, painting some more clear polish over the top, and peeling up once dry. Once I'd placed the images on my nails I applied a clear top coat to all nails to seal the images in.

Once dry I used some of OPI color paints to paint pink over the zebra print nails, and for the orange and yellow sunset, I used small pieces of sponge for this. For the blue I used a lovely sheer blue from Urban Outfitters (colours listed below the pictures) but I don't think it was quite dark enough for this design, so I did have to layer it up a bit. Originally I had been planning to just use black on the zebra print nails but ended up wanting something brighter. I have mixed feelings about that as I do love a bit of contrast! Loved the safari nails though and would like to do them again.
Colours used: Floral Street - Nails Inc, Flipper - Urban Outfitters, Chromatic Orange - OPI, Primarily Yellow - OPI, Midnight Mischief, Pen & Pink - OPI

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Doodles in purple - Nail art stamping

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! I have not got very far this morning, but have been chilling out watching  old episodes of Frasier and having a late breakfast smoothie. I am of course behind with my nail art still, this is one from Spring and was inspired my some nail art I did for a friend in pink and rose gold. I tried it again on myself but it didn't come out that well, so I thought I'd try another colour scheme. I thought I'd try it again with a different colour scheme and slightly shorter nails. You can see the original ones here, and my recreation attempt here.

On the accent nail I used Idyllic from Cirque Colors. On all other nails I used a lilac which has been kicking around for ages! Colours are listed below the pictures. I used the Doodles 01 plate from Mo You London for the images. I like the circles the images are within as they are the right size for short nails, but also give a nice effect on long nails where you can see the outline. I used the advanced stamping technique to add a bit of dark purple in the images, you can see how here.
Colours used: Upper Brook Street - Nails Inc, White Stamping Polish - Emily de Molly, Wigmore Street - Nails Inc, Idyllic - Cirque Colors

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Fata Morgana Flower Nails

Good evening nail people! Tonight I'm sharing some spring nails from a couple of weeks ago. Where is the time going?!  I saw a picture of Cirque Colors Fata Morgana on Instagram and as I haven't worn it for a while thought I'd give it a go with some Spring flowers. I used the Mo You London Flower Power 23 plate for the images.

For this design as per usual I used the advanced stamping technique with my Uber Mat! You can see how here. I like these but wasn't massively feeling them at the time. They're nice enough I just think I must have been in the mood for something brighter! (now have bright safari nail art so looking forward to sharing that with you!
Colours used: Fata Morgana - Cirque Colors, White Stamping Polish - Emily de Molly, Taos - Cirque Colors, Wildflower - Cirque Colors, Notting Hill Carnival - Nails Inc, Gold Digger - Barry M

Monday, 27 May 2019

Negative Space Spots

Hello world! Something simple and a bit different on my nail blog today. I've been seeing loads of negative space nails on Instagram lately, particularly ones with a pattern over bare nails, rather than just gaps in a design. There are a couple of accounts I follow which use this style a lot (and very well) so not 100% sure if this is a big trend at the moment or if it's just what I'm seeing in my Instagram feed!

As my nails are a tad yellow I used a base colour but a very sheer one to still give the natural look. I used two coats of Barry M's Mani Mask in Birthday suit. It's a very sheer pale pink which dries matte. I use it on my toenails sometimes, it's really good for hiding imperfections but looking natural too. Once dry (and it dries pretty fast) I used a medium sized dotting tool to apply spots in four of Barry M's Molten Metal shades. I have 8 but I think these four which were released at the same time work particularly well together (colours listed below the pictures).

It took some time to get used to seeing my nail line so clearly, but I do like these. It was a good way to test the negative space look without doing anything too complicated. I expect I will do it again. I think any longer and it would look a bit weird with too much white space, but my nails grow pretty fast so I'll just file them down a bit when I want to do this.
Colours used: Mani Mask Birthday Suit - Barry M, Celestial Silver - Barry M, Crystal Blue - Barry M, Antique Gold - Barry M, Pink Luxe - Barry M

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Stamping Sunday: Origami In The Sky

Hello world! I am playing catch up as usual but am pleased to be sharing this nail art today as I loved it! Kept this on for at least a week. It was on my nail art to do list for some time but came out well (if I do say so) and I liked it even more than I expected to. My favourite nail is the thumb nail in the top right picture with the squid and diplodocus. 

I started with a blue base on all nails accept my ring finger nail, where I used a holographic silver base. I followed the silver with a holographic glitter from Barry M, which is surprisingly good holo given it is a mainstream band and is a polish from a few years ago too. For the origami images I used the advanced stamping technique (you can see how here). I tried making entire nail decals together but did have to cut and pasts some of the images separately as I'd stamped them too far apart.

Simple design but I loved it and I think it works well for spring. What do you think?
Colours used: Can't Find My Czechbook - OPI, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, White Stamping Polish - Emily de Molly, Harp On It - Color Club, Diamond Glitter - Barry M

Monday, 13 May 2019

Emily de Molly - Gravity Drive

Hello nail people - long time no see! I've been away on a couple of weekends away and a week in Scotland so while it has been lovely I have got a bit behind on blogging. Today I've just got the one polish to talk about. I took it with me to Scotland and although it's not the most seasonal shade I love it! It's a really sparkly colour with lots of depth. Quite a good glitter density as well, the below pictures show the polish directly painted on rather than sponged.

This is my forth Emily de Molly polish, they've not been one of the brands I've got really into. However after a few recent purchases I've realised every one of my four Emily de Molly polishes has blown me away, so I think we can see where this will go! Below I have put a few pictures where I've tried to capture some of the wonderful sparkle.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Azteggs! Alternative Easter Nails

Happy nearly Easter everyone! I've gone for some slightly alternative Easter egg nail art this year, alternative in that it doesn't involve pastels, otherwise not that alternative! I fancied trying one of my new purple shades and thought this speckled one is kind of Easter appropriate. I love the colour combination of this type of purple shade against black and white.

For the black and white nails I didn't have any egg shaped images on stamping plates, but didn't think I could freehand a pattern very well so tried something a bit different when creating nail decals. I've included the process I followed below:

  • I started by using a nail art pen to draw egg shapes directly onto my Uber Mat, and gave them some time to dry (tricky to get that timing right as it starts to crack as you can see!)
  • Next I carefully painted a clear layer over the egg shapes, making sure to only just go over the black line, if anything went round the edges I cleared it up with a clean up brush and nail polish remover.
  • Once the clear layer was dry I used images from the Mo You London Explorer 33 to stamp an Aztec pattern onto the eggs - the images stick to the clear polish but not very well to the mat so it was easy to clean up around the edges with the tape.
  • I followed up with a layer of clear top coat over and around the eggs.
  • Once dry I peeled the decals off the mat, trimmed them and applied them to my nails before top coat time.
Although the eggs could be neater I think they've come out reasonably well and am enjoying wearing this nail art. This is also my entry for the clairestelle8 challenge prompt for the 20th (Easter eggs), but blogging it slightly early as I'm busy tomorrow!

Colours used: Floral Street - Nails Inc, Lightning Maroon - Femme Fatale, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, Nail Art Pen in Black - Barry M