Monday, 15 January 2018

A Winter Pond Mani - Snowflakes

Hi everyone! Today I am sadly presenting to you an index finger nail that just doesn't look right next to the rest! There was an incident with a potato peeler... I filed them all down a bit but couldn't quite bring myself to make them as short as that one. Couldn't quite get the shape right either, but never mind, the show must go on!

Today's nail art is a very wintery pond mani. I had been meaning to do something like this in the run up to Christmas but I think it also works in January. I started off with three coats of Essie's Allure, a sheer white which was a little more sheer than I wanted it to be. Next I used white stamping polish to apply a snowflake pattern from the Uber Chic Christmas-01 plate.

Next to make this a pond mani, I applied more of the sheer white polish. To be a true pond mani I would have kept layering up the white base and snowflakes, but I thought that might just make it look like lace and less like snowflakes. So I applied some more snowflakes in pale blue. For these I didn't use the whole image, I just selected one of two flakes at a time and positioned them on each nail. I used a dotting tool to remove excess snowflake from the stamper. I followed the same process for the darker blue snowflakes.

I finished off with a shimmery topper which was really hard to see unless in really bright light! It was too subtle for the camera to pick up too, I think it'll work better over darker colours. Overall I liked this design with it's multi layers, and slightly see through look, it's as if it had been snowing on my nails!
Colours used: Allure - Essie, White Knight - Mo You London, Blueberry - Barry M, Cobalt - Barry M, My Private Rainbow - ILNP

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Stamping Sunday: Swanning Around

My first nail art of 2018 is up! I have a list of nail ideas I keep on my phone, and this one was added around this time last year! I got some of the Mo You London animal plates that Christmas and thought a swan design with muted colours would look good, but I'd save it till spring. Somehow that never happened and here we are! I actually think these muted colours work well for winter too. I used a newer plate for the chevrons so it was a good opportunity to use an untried product too.

I started with a greige base colour on my thumb, index finger and little finger nails; pink on my middle finger and white on my ring finger. For the chevrons I used a clear stamper and the Tropical 34 plate, which I can't wait to use in the summer with all it's pretty fruit images. For the swans I created decals using my Uber Mat and the Animal 01 plate. You can see how here.

Once I'd stuck the decals down I added a little pink to the bottom of the white nails, and then a then line of gold (colours listed below the pictures) using a nail art brush. I finished off with a matte top coat. I like how this turned out though the decals were a tad thick in places, as my white polish is coming to an end (thinner is on the way)!
Colours used: Oyster - Barry M, Pink Lemonade - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You London, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, Notting Hill Carnival - Nails Inc, Bright Lights - Barry M

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year! Today's nail art is of course my new years eve nail art for 2017-18. I wanted to go for something glittery and new year themed, but also Harry Potter themed as we went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yesterday. They came out suitably new year themed and sparkly but not very Harry Potter. The deathly hallows symbol didn't quite turn out as planned. I think it all looks a bit Dr Who!

For the galaxy nails I used tiny pieces of sponge held by tweezers to sponge on some glitter and shimmer, and then a dotting tool for the white stars. For the middle finger I put a holo topper over black, and made a decal for the symbol. I painted clear polish onto my Uber Mat, painted the image over the top, added another clear layer, and then peeled of to stick on my nails once dry. I did the same for the 2018 nails. For the sparkly nails I used holo powder from Twinkled T. I tried glitter burnishing but wasn't entirely successful so dipped instead and was pleased with the result.

On the thumb I used an image from the Mo You London Festive 05 stamping plate, and then a small brush to fill the glasses. I would have gone for a champagne colour but I didn't think it would show up well against the silver glitter so I went for red wine instead.

2017 has been a great year for me, although maybe not so much for the world, so I hope 2018 is a much better one for the world, and the same for me! Last year I made a New Years blog resolution to improve my nail pictures, and I think I've finally done that towards the end of the year. Still some way to go though I think! This years will be to start doing a few videos, either to add to my blog or Instagram.
Colours used: Aruba Blue - Essie, Mega - ILNP, Holocopter (loose glitter) - Twinkled T, Lady In Black - OPI, White Knight - Mo You London, My Private Rainbow (S) - ILNP, Indigo Glow - Jessica Polish, Diamond Glitter - Barry M, Garnet - Cirque Colors

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Winter Animals ft Christmas Party Cat!

Hi there! The New Year is nearly upon us, and I don't have my new year nails ready! I am still rocking these festive winter animals which I do rather like. New Year nails are being done in a bit of a last minute scramble this evening as I'm going to London tomorrow morning. This nail art turned out a little less Christmassy than anticipated, but maybe that's a good thing for some Christmas to New Year transition nails anyway.

I used a coupe of shimmery holographics from ILNP's Spring 2017 collection for the base (colours listed below the pictures). To me the blue always seemed more icy and wintery. For the outlining patterns, I used the Mo You London Festive 45 and Enchanted 05 plates and white stamping polish. I used a dortting tool to pick up the animal images before stamping as I would come back to that later.

Meanwhile (I feel like I'm writing a recipe!) on my Uber Mat, I created decals using the advanced stamping technique, and using only the animal images (I removed the surrounding patterns using a dotting tool). You can see how to do advanced stamping here.

I really like the background colours, especially the linear holo flare of Aria, and I think it adds a lovely wintery look behind the arctic animals. The green nails are a nod to the festive season I want to hold on to! The only downside is the reindeer eyes! I had some trouble stamping for some reason and the eyes didn't come out so I did them with a dotting tool, should have done them with a smaller one as it looks a bit odd.
Colours used: Aria - ILNP, Bermuda Breeze - ILNP, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, Alpine Snow - OPI, Bronze Bae - Barry M

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Cosy Metallic Christmas Jumper Nails

Hello nail people! Tonight I have some more Christmassy nail art to show you. Another design from a couple of weeks ago that I didn't have time to post. I ended up wearing them in Norway so I associate them with fond memories. You can see my Trondheim, Norway inspired nails here. The only thing I regret about these is that they aren't as typically Christmassy as they could be, they're perhaps better suited to the beginning of Christmas nail art season!

I used Soft Focus from ILNP's new collection as a base, and I really love it. It's subtle but also has a great holographic flare. I have some separate pictures I will share, just need to get round to swatching some of the other colours from the collection. Apart from the snowflakes on the little finger, I used some of Barry M's liquid chromes for the stamping.

I used the Festive 06 stamping plate from Mo You London. For some of the nails I created a gradient on the stamping plate, and on others I used a technique that's new to me after seeing it on Mo You's Instagram. For the index fingernail I picked up an image with the stamper in silver, and then used a dotting tool to pick up certain parts of the image. I then stamped again in purple, removing other parts of the images, and then again with gold. I love this technique and will definitely use it again! Not sure how good my description was so will make a picture tutorial too!
Colours used: Soft Focus - ILNP, Bright Lights - Barry M, Rain On Me - Barry M, Glow Crazy - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You London

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Trondheim Inspired Christmas Nails

Hello everyone, hope you've had a lovely Christmas break! Today I'm sharing with you my nail art from the week before Christmas, inspired by our weekend break in Trondheim, Norway. I would highly recommend a Christmas trip there, it was like a magical Christmas wonderland! We were lucky that it snowed a fair bit, making it even more picturesque. There were Christmas lights everywhere and there was a rustic cosy theme at many places. We spent a fair bit of time at the Christmas market in the town square. The market stalls were adorable and it was a good size of market to have enough to look at without it being so big you'd get lost! There are pictures up on my Instagram if you'd like to see (link in the top right corner).

So for the nail art I based it on things we'd seen, lights on my index finger, snowy mountains on my middle, snow on my ring finger, trees and hills on my little finger, and Christmas jumper patterns on my thumb. I used the Uber Chic Christmas-01 plate for the lights, snowflakes and jumper pattern. For the hilly scenes I used the appropriately named Scandi 01 plate from Mo You London. I used the advanced stamping technique with my Uber Mat for those images where the colours have been filled in. You can see how here.

I was pleased with how they turned out and they bring back fond memories :)
Colours used: Succulent Garden - Cirque Colors, Surfboard - Barry M, Glacier Blue - Cirque Colors, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, White Knight - Mo You London, Estate - Cirque Colors, Grey - Barry M, Alpine Snow - OPI, Spring Green - Barry M

Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas Day Nails 2017 (ft Dinosaurs!)

It's Chriiistmaaasss! Hope everyone is having a lovely day :) Today has gone really fast for me but that's to be expected. I regret forgetting to bring my colouring book to my parents house as that would have been the perfect chilled end to the day. Christmas is one of those rare occasions when there's time to do it. So on to the nails, unfortunately I was in a rush to leave and didn't have time to get pictures of these in my lightbox, or with the fancy camera, so I took them with my new phone leaning over the bath! Therefore not so happy with the picture quality, but I do rather like the nails.

I like to have classicly Christmassy colours for my Christmas day mani, usually including red, and think these fitted that. The gem wreaths are a little wobbly, but kind of work! On my little finger I used my Mo You London Festive 45 stamping plate for the Merry Christmas wording. I used the same plate for the stocking on my index finger, for which I made decals on my Uber Mat, you can see how here.

On my ring finger I used Fired Up, one of the new colours from ILNP, I really like it so look forward to using it again and getting some proper pictures! I used a holly image from the Festive 06 plate, and placed gems over the berries. I really like how those ones turned out, a little more sophisticated than the rest of my nails! Last but not least the dino's! I layered up green metallic polish behind the glitter to make them stand out a bit more, and added my own little Christmas hats to the decals using a black nail art pen. I'm glad I managed to feature dinosaurs in my Christmas nails!

I have a little bit of a back log of Christmas nails, but wanted to share the Christmas nails on Christmas Day, so hopefully there will be more tomorrow. Merry Christmas!
Colours used: Madder - Cirque Colors, Fired Up - ILNP, Primadonna - Danglefoot Polish, Midnight Mishcheif - Painted Polish, Secret - Fun Lacquer, Emerald Green - Barry M, Alpine Snow - OPI, Bright Lights - Barry M, Rain On Me - Barry M, Nail Art Pen in Black - Barry M