Sunday, 14 May 2017

Stamping Sunday: I don't know what to call this!

Having writers block with what to call this nail art, so I've gone for a very honest blog title! I ended up thinking of this design because I had a lovely blue glitter, and grey/black metallic I wanted to use and hadn't tried yet, and the combination worked better than I has expected, took me a long time to change these!

So on my thumb and little finger nails I used Black Diamond from Nails Inc , and on my middle fingers I used Saltwater Summer from Painted Polish. I was pleasantly surprised by both of these. The glitter was fuller coverage than expected so didn't need to be sponged on.

For the accent nails I used a white base, and then made decals on my Uber Mat (you can see how here) using my Holy Shapes 03 stamping plate from Mo You London. I filled them in with the same polishes I used on my other nails, stuck them down and used a glossy top coat (Nails Inc's Kensington Caviar) to finish off.
Colours used: Black Diamond - Nails Inc, Alpine Snow - OPI, Black Knight - Mo You London, Saltwater Summer - Painted Polish

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