Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Claws on claws

Hi everyone! I'm writing to you very sleepy in Scotland after a long walk looking for beavers! I'm on holiday this week. I made another (yes another!) purchase from Rainbow Connection a few weeks back and decided to try Tonic Polish. I bought two different purples, this bright metallic one with a hint of sparkle is called toxic.

I quickly got a little restless not having any nail art, so came up with the simple idea of adding some claws on my claws! They are based on my little microwaveable cuddly dinosaur, Cedric. I've included a picture of him below the nail art.

I used a small nail art brush to outline the green, and then filled them in using the brush in the nail polish bottle, and the nail art brush. I then used the nail art brush to add the little black claws, they were a nice easy shape to paint. I'm not sure the pictures quite capture the shade of purple but at least you get the shinyness!
Colours used: Toxic - Tonic Polish, Key Lime - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI

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