Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tropical Tuesday!

Today's tropical Tuesday picture is a little more subdued! It was one I did for my trip to Ibiza which must have been two years ago now, hence the odd lengths of my nails! (they used to break a little more then because of my job). There is a light gradient going on here though it can't really be seen in the picture. I used white a base and lightly sponged some mint green over the top.

The birds were done with black nail varnish and a small brush, and the leaves were in metallic green with the same little brush. I painted the leaves on lightly with the brush, allowing them to get messy round the edges, and then went over them again through the middle of the leaves to give them more texture.

I've noticed some more views coming to my blog over the last couple of days so whoever you are, thank you for reading! :)

Colours Used: Matt White - Barry M, Mint Green - Barry M, Emerald Green - Barry M, New York Noir by Kate Spade -Nails Inc

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