Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Fancy Little Fox Nails

Hi all! Got some kind of autumnal nail art to share with you today. I've used three nail polishes I got for Christmas and really like the way it came out. Definitely making use of these again in the autumn but hopefully before then too! The only polishes I already had in this look are the cream and white polishes, and the black stamping polish. Colours are listed below the pictures, and there are a couple of bonus pictures this time, including one of a leaf decal I made as I love the way it looked shimmering away on my Uber Mat!

So I started with a base of cream on my middle two fingernails on each hand on my thumb nails. On my index and little finger nails I used my new flakie polishes which I alternated on each hand, as I did with the leaf and fox images. For the leaf and fox designs I used my Uber Mat to create decals as I always do! You can see how here. For the leaves I used the UberChic Lovely Leaves 01 plate, and for the foxes I used the Woodland Chic plate. They're so cute and I'm so glad I finally have a fox appropriate shade to colour them in with!

So as I mentioned before I really like these! It was the first time I'd tried Polished For Days (Christmas presents from my parents) and I'm really happy with the formula and overall look. I particularly like Birch, the silvery one, and love the way they both look on the leaves. The fox shade is from Essie and was a Christmas present from my boyfriend as he knew I'd been looking for something like that, previous designs where I've used the fox images have come out way too orange! One final thing to say in this blog post is sorry about my thumb cuticles, they are pretty dry at the moment and I had a paper cut under one of them so they look a bit gross in the close up pictures!
Colours used: Birch - Polished For Days, Meadow - Polished For Days, Cream Soda - Barry M, Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Playing Koi - Essie, Floral Street - Nails Inc