Thursday, 11 February 2016

He's Her Lobster

It's valentines mani time! I wanted to do this design for actual valentines day, but am going to a wedding the day before so wanted something that would work with the dress I'm wearing. At least this gives me a chance to enter the So Nailicious edgy valentines nail art competition!

Like many I am absolutely obsessed with the TV programme Friends and find the idea of lobsters growing old together adorable! So this was an obvious design for me, particularly since getting a stamping plate with a little lobster image.

Nothing too complicated going on here, used dotting tools and a fine brush for the hearts (1st time I'd tried this as I don't usually do hearts, so they're a bit wobbly!), and stamping plates for the lobsters. The plate I used was from Mo You, Cookbook Collection 12, I'd rather not think of anyone cooking these adorable little creatures though!! I'm particularly fond of the thumb nails with the little lobsters holding claws, just too cute!

For the stamping and hearts I used Barry M's Sparkling Ruby, it stamps really well with a subtle shimmer. Looks a bit like two different polishes though as the hearts are so much thicker. Looking forward to seeing the other entries!

Colours Used: Coconut - Barry M, Sparkling Ruby - Barry M

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