Tuesday, 9 February 2016

OPI Colour Party (Color Paints 1st Try)

Good evening! It's been over a week since I've blogged so today I have a very colourful and picture heavy blog post. I've been wearing a lot of greys and blacks recently (with a bit of glitter of course) so it's been good to have some contrast. I was off work ill a couple of weeks ago and decided to treat myself to a little mini set of OPI Color Paints as I've seen so much of them on-line. I'm pleased to say they did not disappoint...

I'm usually not one for mini polishes, I'd rather have a full size bottle, but this set is perfect for trying out the colour paints and I wanted to get a good range of colours. They are absolutely adorable! They've not lost anything in the design and are just teeny tiny OPI's. To get some perspective on how diddy they are, here is them spilling out of my hand, and one next to a full sized OPI nail polish,

For my first attempt I had been planning on doing a colourful dotticure, but was drawn in my the images on the box and decided to go for something a little less orderly. The options are endless with the colour paints. I will still be trying a dotticure and love the idea of painting them over glitter, or using them in a stained glass or butterfly stamping design.

The silver canvas was a lovely base as it really made the colours pop. I've heard they go well over white too. It applied well and is a definite one coater but did take a little while to try. The top two pictures below are of my left hand and the bottom are my right. I've ended up with a slightly different effect on each one. My personal favourite is my left hand, I really like how the blue looks completely diferrent depending on what it covers ( a lovely green when overlapping the yellow).

So would I buy the full size bottles? Definitely! But not all of them as there are quite a few. I'll wait and see how quickly I use up these mini's first. The consistency of the colours is lovely and there are just so so many things you can do with them. I have a list already! I'm also impressed at the width of the brushes considering the bottles are so small. A definite winner!

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