Sunday, 31 January 2016

Stamping Sunday: Birds Of A Feather

Today's stamping Sunday design was actually done on Thursday evening, but I am still wearing it, so clearly a success! This was my first attempt at layered stamping and I'm pleased with the results. I started with Nails Inc's White Horse Street from the 'New White' collection. The two New White's I have are sooo beautiful and just lovely to paint with and wear. The type of polish where I just keep looking at my hands!

Next I used white stamping polish from Mo You to stamp feathers onto three nails on each hand, (the feathers are from Mo You Explorer Plate Collection 14) and black stamping polish for the feathers on the thumb, from the same stamping plate. I used one of Nails Inc's 'feathered' effect polishes to go around the thumb feathers and on my accent nail. I had a couple of feather polishes already but came across this sparkly gem in TK Maxx not too long ago.

 Finally I used my Mo You Gothic Plate Collection 10 plate for the birds (except on my little finger, those also came from the Explorer plate). I used my clear jelly stamper to carefully place the birds where I wanted them. This took quite a long time and it was getting late so unfortunately there is a little smudging where the top coat was applied.

Overall I really like this design and it's nice to have something a bit different to all the dark colours I've been wearing lately. Please excuse the quality of the fourth photo below, I wanted a nice picture of the feather polish as it's such a nice bottle but I think my photography requires some work!

Colours Used: White Horse Street - Nails Inc, White Knight - Mo You, Black Knight - Mo You, Henley - Nails Inc

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