Monday, 4 January 2016

Comic Girl

Happy Monday everyone! I hope first days back at work haven't been too stressful. Mine has been surprisingly OK... trying not to think about tomorrow!

Today I have a bit of a throwback for you, to one of Models Owns gift sets from Christmas 2014! This design was done not too long after said Christmas, but I was not blogging at the time, so it finally has it's limelight! I wanted to do a design that used all three of the colours, and add a little bit extra with the stickers so I used a dotting tool to create a slightly pixelated effect. I think I did do a design with the bows too but there are no surviving pictures. Will have to follow this up with something bow related in the near future.

Below is the full design, the gift set, and a glimpse of my awesome dinosaur (or 'designasaur') t-shirt! :D

This picture is a little fuzzy looking as it has an Instagram filter on. As this was a while ago I couldn't find any proper blogging quality pictures. Super easy design to do as the stickers just peel off the backing paper and stick well to the nail. I'd recommend a top coat to finish as it helps to stop the edges peeling up.

The design lasted well and didn't chip to fast, the stickers lasted a few days as well which I was quite impressed with. I remember being saddened to take them off for a meeting!

Colours Used: Red Alert - Models Own, Pastel Pink - Models Own, Snow White - ,Models Own