Sunday, 10 January 2016

Stamping Sunday: Sparkly Holographic Dinosaur Awesomeness!

Today's stamping sunday post is continuing the theme of wearing bold/ bright things to try and brighten up January a bit. I now have a bit of a hankering for black nail polish though, so we'll see how long it lasts! As you may know, I love dinosaurs and also sea creatures, so when I discovered Mo You's Origami Plate Collection 05 I was delighted! It features four origami dino's, nine sea creatures, a dragon, three birds and a unicorn. <Insert excitable emoji here>

The base colour I used for this Design was Haloki by Bear Pawlish, which was a Christmas present from my lovely aunt, Uncle and cousins so I was keen to give it a try. The colour is beautiful and metallic in normal light (super shiny!) and holographic in bright light. I would probably recommend three coats with this one, but two thick ones seems to have worked on some of my nails. In the bottom left picture below you can see it in normal light, and in the other three you can see the holo working it's magic. With my Nail's Inc Kensington Caviar topcoat as well these nails were pretty blinding in any light!

The origami outlines were stamped onto my Uber Mat in black, and then filled in using a dotting tool and a variety of glitters. I found colouring in with glitter was easier than normal polish, not sure why. Once this was dry I put another clear layer of nail polish over the top, waited for it to dry and then peeled of to apply to my nails. I find the smaller images are easier to place. For my left over finger nail I just used a blob of silver holo glitter, to look like one of the dinosaur's had laid a huge sparkly egg!

Below i've included a couple of close ups of the dragons on my thumb nails. as you can see on the right the nail polish is paler, this is because I only did two coats on this nail. Not too obvious in normal light but under the bright lights for picture it showed up a bit more. I look forward to trying more of the origami designs, they're very cute and easy to work with.

Colours Used: Haloki - Bear Pawlish, Black knight - Mo you, Aqua glitter - Barry M, Fashion Icon - Barry M, Diamond - Barry M, Emerald City - Models Own, Chelsea Square - Nails Inc

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