Saturday, 23 January 2016

Geek Out! Le Geek C'est Chic!

This weekend I'm feeling poorly, but just about awake enough to comfort myself with a bit of nail art, and a new nail polish to try! I'm having a real black nail polish moment. Wearing/ buying all kinds of variations with subtle shimmers, or really dark almost black shades. Perfect for this time of year really! From my recent post christmas haul this is my first wear of Higitus Figitus from Danglefoot Polish and I must say it's rather lovely (swatches at the bottom). A shimmer black in normal light, and a shimmery holo under bright light.

I've wanted to try this circuit board style nail art for a while. I have a lovely pair of Converse in this pattern which I'm super fond of and have had since I was about fifteen (ten years ago now, eek!). I used a silver nail art pen for the lines as I new they would be thin, though wonder if it may have been just as easy with a fine brush, as it can be hard to get the polish to come out properly at times. I then used a dotting tool for the gold dots using Uptown Glamour from Nails Inc's Kate spade collection of a few years ago. Finished off with my favourite topcoat, Kensington Caviar by Nails Inc, a particularly important step with nail art pens as I find they rub off a bit otherwise, plus, it dries super fast!

Below is the base colour in all it's glory! Brighter light on the left and normal light on the right. A really stylish nail polish I think and perfect for this type of design.

Colours Used: Higitus Figitus - Danglefoot Polish, Nail Art Pen in Silver - Barry M, Uptown Glamour - Nails Inc

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