Sunday, 24 January 2016

Stamping Sunday: Leafy Green

Today I am showing you some last minute afternoon entertainment in the form of doing my sisters nails! She wanted something green to match the logo at the charity shop where she's currently volunteering so we decided to go with something leafy. We looked through my stamping plates and chose Mo You's Pro Collection Plate 06. The leafy pattern is in a subtle silver polish and the floral accent nail is in a metallic rose gold type shade from Nails Inc (details below pictures). I particularly like the accent nail, it was an unexpected hit paired with green.

Here is the design below. Two things to apologise for, firstly the incomplete clean up and secondly the poor picture quality. I still haven't mastered my light box (images come out really bright) so I tried just in normal evening light but it was hard to get a clear detailed image without blurring.

Overall I like the design and look forward to using more leafy patterns in the future, especially now I have my clear jelly stamper to play with too :).

Colours Used: Key Lime - Barry M, Soho Silver - Nails Inc, Kings Road - Nails Inc


  1. These look great! I really like the green base and the stamp design. MoYou plates are the best! I don't have any but I want that to change ASAP!

    1. Thanks Nikki :) I would highly recommend them!