Saturday, 9 January 2016

Viva Las Velvet!

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I am showing you a quick review of Accessorise' purple velvet nails set, in Pom Pom Purple. I must admit I have preferred other velvet polish sets more (the Nail Rock ones are pretty good). But I do like the colour of this a lot and think I could get it to work a bit better with practise.

I followed the standard velvet nails practise, paint on one coat of polish and allow to dry. Paint on another coat of polish. While this is still wet tip on some of the velvet (do this over a sheet of paper so that the excess can be poured back into the pot). Pat down loose bits of velvet effect and add to any missing spots. Perhaps I would have been better to put my finger directly in the pot of velvet effect, but I find this encourages it to clump together.

I have included some pictures of it fresh below (please excuse the half done clean up!). As you can see the coverage isn't particularly thick, but is nice and even. I like the way it looks. My issue with this is that the velvet effect just didn't last. It seemed to rub/ wash off which previous ones i've tried (e.g. Nail rock) haven't done. When I next try this i think I need to make extra sure that the polish is still very wet so that hopefully it will stick better.

Let me know if you have any top tips!

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