Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Monthly Indie Review: Ellagee

This months indie polish review is one I've been waiting to do for a long time! I haven't been able to justify ordering them all the way from America plus paying postage, so Christmas money was the perfect excuse! They arrived a lot quicker than I expected considering the distance, and came with some toe separators, a few sweets and a 'come to the dark side, we have glitter' fridge magnet I am rather fond of. Today I will be reviewing So Long And Thanks For All The Fish and I Refuse To Be Invisible.

First up, So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, what a name! This is the polish I was most excited about, it's from the 'Dolphins! What?' collection (I also purchased Rainbow Reef from this collection but will move onto that in the summer). I love it because it's such an unusual idea, and I had never heard of dolphin shaped glitter before, let alone in nail polish! This is technically a very dark blue, but looks black when layered. it looks like a night sky with dolphins floating through! I like the way the subtly different sized of glitter shimmer, it really does give  a night sky effect.

The consistency is quite thick, being a glitter, and you have to fish (no pun intended) the dolphins out a little but, but it is so worth it! I found doing one layer with no dolphins first and then one or two on the second coat worked well. You can see the final effect below in different lights. As you can see the slitter shines a lovely rainbow of colours in the light.

Next up is I Refuse To Be Invisible, this isn't the sort of thing I usually go for but the swatches on the Ellagee website caught my eye. I like how the colours stand out against the white background. It looks like confetti or hundreds and thousands. either way, definitely reminds me of birthday parties! the consistency is nice and creamy, and I really like how it is pigmented but the colours still shine through. This is two coats, and the colours on the underneath are more muted and don't stand out as much as those on top. I think this gives it more depth.

I really like Ellagee polishes because of how original they are. There's a huge variety of different polishes that I haven't seen similar to anywhere else. Not to mention, there is a whole collection of dolphin themed nail polish! I hope you like them too, Rainbow Reef to follow in due course!

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