Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tropical Tuesday: Toucan Play that Game!

Happy Tuesday! Tonight I am bringing you a terrible/wonderful pun! I've pretty much had Two Can Play That Game in my head every time I've looked at these nails! This was just a quick bit of advanced stamping on accent nails but I really loved the way it turned out. I used Dead Heat from Barry M's speedy collection for a really vibrant summery red. I'm not accepting summer as over till the end of September! (unless it gets really cold I guess)

I used my Uber Mat and Mo You London Tropical Plate 06 for this adorable Toucan pattern and stamped the image in black. I used white stamping polish for the Toucans tummies as I wanted something that would show up well against the red. It's not obvious but before the orange of the beaks I used a little yellow as well to give them a bit more dimension, Only obvious close up though!
Colours used: Dead Heat - Barry M, Black Knight - Mo You London, White Knight - Mo You London, W18 - Color Cosmetic, Yellow - Barry M

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