Friday, 30 September 2016

HPB Presents: Glitter Toppers

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad it's the weekend! I've not been very good on the blog this month due to some holidays but I'm managing to squeeze this one last blog post of the month in as part of this months Hobby Polish Bloggers link up. As you can see the theme this month is glitter toppers. Not a particularly challenging theme but the options are endless! I have many many glitters so enjoyed digging through them again.

I decided to use two I haven't used for over a year. They were a gift from my boyfriend who got them in TK Maxx (a great place for discount Nails Inc's!). I started of with a dance legend peel off base coat, it doesn't usually work all that well for me, I think as my nails are on the dry side it sticks a little too well! Worth another try though. Next I painted on one coat of Jermyn Street. In theory two thin coats would probably be best, but I cheated and used one thick coat and was pleasantly surprised, no pooling or bubbling.

For my glitter I used Lancelot Place, a chunky silver glitter topper with some black sequins mixed in. I created a rough moon shape at the bottom of each nail with the glitter as I think it's a flattering shape. I like this look as I think it looks grown up but still with a hint of fun! The sort of thing I could probably get away with at client meetings!

Who else is getting excited for all the autumn colours coming out? I'm having a bit of a phase for muted colours at the moment. Not sure if it's just because of the change of season or if I'm getting old! Perhaps a bit of both!
Colours used: Jermyn Street - Nails Inc, Lancelot Place - Nails Inc

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