Monday, 27 February 2017

The Great Nail Varnish Blob! (or nail free polish mountain?)

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you poured out a big pile of nail polish onto your nail mat? Nope? We I am here to show you anyway! :D

Not posting any nail art pictures today. This one is definitely just for people who are bored... So I had a bottle of CND Vinylux top coat that I got back when Nailbox was a thing. The topcoat itself was rather good, dried quickly, super shiny and long lasting, but unfortunately as it neared the end of the bottle it went quite thick and stringy. and became increasingly difficult to use.

So after another difficult manicure trying to layer it up, I thought I may as well tip out the last little bit. There was quite a bit more than I thought! I tipped it onto my nail Uber Mat and watched it slowly spread out into this sort of cartoon ghost shape. The two pictures below are in different lighting. It was so shiny, and so tempting to poke, especially as it started to dry!
After leaving it on the mat for probably close to 24 hours, I peeled it off, which was sooo satisfying! It had quite a strong smell and was smooth and pliable. I left my little ghost creature on my desk as I couldn't bring myself to throw it out and a couple of days later it looked like the below, thinner and curved inwards at the edges. It's surprising how strong it is! It still smells quite strong too, it reminds me of the clear plastic swimming bags I used to have as a child. Maybe I could make a bag out of nail polish...
So there you have it... my most random blog post yet! I haven't got rid of my little plastic nail polish ghost/blob yet!

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