Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mo You Scandi Plates & Cirque Idyllic

Hi everyone! Got a slightly picture heavy blog post tonight, I just couldn't choose which ones to use! I've gone for the design first, and then some pictures of the base colour (Idyllic - Cirque Colors) which I purchased recently from Rainbow Connection, a polish comparison and a picture of my new clear rectangular stamper.

I used the advanced stamping technique with my Uber Mat to create this design. You can see instructions on how to do this here. I was super excited to try a couple of the new Scandi plates from Mo You London. I didn't really need any more but I couldn't resist as they're so versatile. This design uses plates 01 and 03. I also picked up their rectangular clear stamper. Again, definitely didn't need one! I was just so tempted as I've never used a rectangular stamper before and it's the first clear one I've seen (picture at the bottom).
Colours used: Idyllic - Cirque Colors, White Knight - Mo You London, Grey - Barry M, British Racing Green - Butter London, Blueberry - Barry M, Yellow - Barry M, Dead Heat - Barry M

The below two pictures are of Cirque Colors Idyllic. This is the sister polish of their popular 'Halcyon' and has just as much beautiful flaky shine! I hadn't been tempted when I originally ordered Halycon but then I saw it on Simply Nailogical's Youtube channel and was swayed! It's a little more silver than I expected, but the ice blue colour does show up in some light.
I needed to know once I saw how silver it was that Idyllic wasn't too similar to Barry M's Silver Lining from their molten metals collection. I tested them both out on my Uber Mat and was pleased with the difference! I thought the molten ,metals were shiny so I was really impressed to see that Idyllic is significantly more shiny!

On the right is one of the images on the new stamper. There is something so satisfying about pictures of stampers in action, is it just me? The stamper was smaller than I expected, and pretty much exactly the right size for my nails, so I think it will be good for smaller images.

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