Sunday, 12 February 2017

Stamping Sunday: Animal Galaxy

Today's stamping Sunday design is super sparkly thanks to a recent order of Fun Lacquer polishes from Rainbow Connection. I accidentally ordered two bottles of Galaxy (doh!) and am still deciding what to do with the second, so to me it made sense to use that one first. Galaxy is a gorgeous purple holo glitter I've had my eye on for some time. I used it over a nude coloured peel off base coat so it probably looks slightly lighter than usual in these pictures. I look forward to seeing what it's like over black.

Below is a somewhat fuzzy picture of Galaxy sponged over the nude base (I was trying to capture the sparkle!). Beside that is my 'sparkly underwear', my gold flaky base coat from Elegant Touch's Nail Apothecary. I thought I may as well go all out with the glitter!
I sponged the glitter polish onto my nails to get a smooth full coverage. I don't really like using that technique as it's so messy (my cuticle guard was failing!) and less fun than just painting it on, but I do admit that it does give smooth coverage without it feeling like my nails are weighed down with glitter!

For the design I used Mo You London's Hipster 15 stamping plate and my Uber Mat to create decals to stick onto my nails. You can see a picture tutorial of how to do it here. The colours used are below the pictures. I decided to try top coating this design with a gel top coat to get a really smooth shiny finish, as I already had a peel off base coat on. I don't think anything could have made the holo glitter any more shiny but it certainly smoothed it out!
Colours used: Galaxy - Fun Lacquer, Black Knight - Mo You London, Grey - Barry M, Blueberry - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You London

Below is the design in bright artificial light (in TK Maxx!) as it glitters the most under bright lights. It glitters well in the sun too but we don't have much at the moment so I have no pictures of that! One day I will find a better way to capture the glitter in my pictures at home!

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