Friday, 24 March 2017

ILNP Spring 2017 Collection

Hi everyone, happy Friday! Today I'm excited to show you my swatches of ILNP's new spring 2017 collection. It's a little later than I would have liked but it had a long journey from Vegas to Hampshire UK before it reached me! So you've probably seen these already, but here's more!

ILNP released two six polish collections and one limited edition so there's a lot to choose from. I went for the main spring collection which features six shimmery holographic spring shades. First up us Versailles, a super holographic gold. I really like this one, it's elegant and very sparkly, and I love the name. This is fairly sheer so you'd need two to three coats. Below you can see it in bright light and natural light.
Next is Ballet Slipper, another super sparkly one! This one isn't as much my usual sort of colour but I do love just how sparkly it is. It's even more sheer so unless you're wearing it over another colour you would definitely need at least three coats. Below is three coats and you can still see my nail line.
Next up is Aria, a lovely pale blue super holo. This one turned out to be a one coater which was a surprise! It's got a more solid opaque coloured base and more densely packed holographic pigment. It has a lovely icy blue look.
Next is Yours Truly, I expected to like this a little more, but it's not quite as sparkly as the others. Though it does still have some holo shimmer. This one is quite sheer as well so you'll probably need three coats.
Next is Bermuda Breeze, one I was particularly excited about trying. Two coats are needed for this one. It's really pretty and again, packed with holo sparkles. I think this one pairs really well with the next one and would be great for mermaid themed designs.
And finally, High Tide, one I just couldn't resist, this is exactly my sort of colour! This one needs two to three coats and has, yes, more holographic sparkles! It has a nice green shift to it too. A perfect mermaid colour! I think this is my favourite of the bunch.
So in conclusion this is a lovely collection, very spring! I'm already thinking of spring and Easter designs I can do with the whole collection altogether. So High Tide is my favourite but I rather like Versailles as well. I originally got all the blue/green/purple ones and then caved in and ordered the pink and gold as well, and I have to say I'm glad I did!

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