Thursday, 9 March 2017

Elegant Smoosh

Hi everyone! Something a bit different from my usual today, a smoosh nail art design with a teeny bit of freehand too! I saw a gorgeous white purple and gold smoosh on Sveta Sanders Instagram which I'd been meaning to try for a while, and then a design where someone had used negative space and smoosh (I can't remember who it was!) so I thought I'd combine the two. Smoosh is such a weird word but it does describe this technique well!

I used a clear stamper so I could see where I was placing the colours and tweak it if necessary. I started with a couple of layers of a Sally Hansen french manicure polish (colours listed at the bottom of this post). It had a very ethereal blueish glow which seemed odd for a french manicure but really worked with this design. I had a bit of a nightmare with it though, it took so long to try, and then peeled up in some places and had to be patched up when I peeled the stencils off.

Once the polish was dry (or so I thought!) I used some straight nail stencils to get a straight line and painted the upper two thirds of each nail white. Once dry I lightly applied the stencils again and began the 'smoosh' effect. I dotted white, purple and rose gold onto the stamper and pressed into randomly onto my nails. I love this colour combination, Sveta Sanders had a very good idea!
I used a nail art brush to paint a rose gold line under the smoosh, but felt like it looked a bit incomplete so added an outline around the bottom third of my nail as well. The rose gold (Cirque's Halcyon) is just so gloriously shiny so it stood out really well.

So all in all I was very pleased with this nail experiment! I think it looks elegant but interesting, and have kept it on for nearly a week so far as I can't quite bring myself to get rid of it! As always some nails I prefer to others, I think the thumbs where the best ones on this occasion.
Colours used: Sheerly Opal - Sally Hansen, Alpine Snow - OPI, Wigmore Street - Nails Inc, Halcyon - Cirque Colors

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