Sunday, 12 March 2017

Oyster & Lace

Hi everyone, hope you've had a lovely weekend! I've had a fairly quiet one with lots of cleaning and a trip to Guildford and Hatchlands Park National Trust property. I've also done my nails twice so I suppose it was a pretty great weekend! Today's post was my first design, I've been meaning to use my lace stamping plate again and to try it over a neutral shade for months.

For by base colour I used Oyster from Barry M's autumn coconut infusion shades, it's such an elegant and flattering shade. You can see my original review of it here. I decided to use black stamping polish however mine is really running out and has got very gloopy so I had to switch to white and try and save it! The last ring finger on my right hand was a struggle! I added a bit of polish remover (in the absence of thinner) and just managed to get a little more polish out of the bottle.

So overall I wasn't that enthused by this one. It was nice enough, but I think some of the patterns being too small for some of my nails ruins the effect a little! Also not sure if the black and white really works or if the difference it too harsh. In the end I think it was a good experiment but I didn't keep it on  for any longer than a day, at least it was an excuse to do my nails again!
Colours used: Oyster - Barry M, Black Knight - Mo You London, White Knight - Mo You London
Stamping Plate: Fashionista 17 - Mo You London

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