Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Nail Art 2017

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you've had a lovely long weekend, I'm trying not to think about it coming to an end! I ended up doing this years Easter nails a little late (the morning of Easter Sunday) so I'm posting them here a little late too. I spent ages deliberating over what to do, and getting the will power to remove my mermaid nail art (further blog post to come). For nail art Easter probably isn't my favourite holiday as I'm not so much a pastel sort of person, so I had a few obscure idea in mind (snakes etc!). I did get very tempted to do mini egg nails again, as that is my favourite Easter design of all time (see my first try here) but I went for something as explicitly Easter as possible instead!

Here's how I did it:

  • Paint each nail a different pastel colour (I mixed the order up on each hand).
  • Prepare some decals on a nail mat or stamper using clear polish (paint a patch of clear polish)
  • Use an opaque white polish and a small nail art brush for the egg shells and rabbit ears.
  • Use brown polish and a small nail art brush to paint the rabbit outlines on the thumb nails, and then some pastel colours for the lines on the little finger).
  • Draw some egg outlines on the clear polish decals using a nail art pen or small brush, and foll them in with white polish.
  • Use a dotting tool for the rest of the pattern on the little fingers.
  • Use a small nail art brush and dotting tool for the eyes and beak of the chick,
  • Paint the pink inner ears on the bunny ears using a small nail art brush.
  • Use a dotting tool to decorate the Easter eggs on the dotting tools and go over the outline with black polish or a nail art pen.
  • Add white nails to the thumb nail bunnies using a dotting tool.
  • Paint a layer of clear polish over the Easter egg decals.
  • Once the polish it dry peel up the egg designs, place on the desired nails and trip where needed.
  • Use a clear top coat to finish.
So it's a little long winded but also pretty simple. I was glad to do some freehand again as I need some practise! I enjoyed this design and it's classic Easter look, and now have some less classic Easter designs in mind too!

Colours used: Blueberry - Barry M, Notting Hill Carnival - Nails Inc, White Knight - Mo You London, Mint Green - Barry M, Berry - Barry M, Surfboard - Barry M, Cappuccino - Barry M, Papaya - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI, Nail Art Pen in Black - Barry M

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