Friday, 7 April 2017

Nails Inc Mindfulness Nail Polish

Hi everyone! Anyone else just delighted that it's the weekend?! I really have that Friday feeling, especially with the weather being so uncharacteristically good! It feels like summer has come already! Today I have a couple of Nails Inc polishes to show you. It seems like ages since I've bought Nails Inc shades, as I buy so many more indie polishes now. I was distracted by these in Debenhams when I went to buy some of their Nail Kale base coat which I swear by (blog post on that to come). I wouldn't usually spend this much on individual colours (my upper limit is about £12) but I didn't discover these were £15 till I got to the till, by which time it was too late, I was attached!

Anyway, enough rambling and on to the nail polish! First up is And Breathe. Both polishes are from their 'mindfulness' collection, with five polishes, each 'enhancing' different areas of your live. Not the sort of thing I go in for really but it's a nice idea! This one is for 'stress relief and positive energy' which tickled me as to be honest all nail polish brings me that! :D

I absolutely love the brushes in Nails Inc bottles, they are wide and nicely tapered so application is just lovely. The polish was easy to apply too and gorgeously shimmery. I can't quite figure out what colour this is. I'd say it's mostly copper but there's a hint of rose gold to it. There are teeny tiny gold flakes in it which are more visible in the bottle but give the polish a gorgeous shine. Id like to try this with my new UberChic owl stamping plate.
Next up is Good Vibes, a glitter topper with a lovely subtle rainbow shimmer to it. It's quite different to how I expected it to turn out from seeing it in the bottle. Also very difficult to capture the sparkles on camera. I was expected it to be subtle scattered glitter with a rainbow sparkle to it. It was more of a densely packed shimmer and also had some iridescent flakies scattered around. It creates a vibrantly shiny manicure but was a little less sparkly than I'd thought. I'm wearing it over Oasis, a muted purple from Barry M. I did try it on my Uber Mat over black, white and nude as well but I really couldn't capture the sparkle on camera. I think it works well over pale shades for a bit of unicorn shimmer.
So in conclusion, I like them! And Breathe is my favourite, as it's quite an unusual shade and the finish is very smooth (both polishes are shown with no top coat). I look forward to using Good Vibes with more colours, and getting it involved in some nail art!

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