Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Quixotic Polish - Trying Another Lovely Indie Brand

Hello all! Got some plan old swatches today rather than nail art, but I'm excited to share these with you as I rather like them (spoiler alert!). Earlier this year I decided to buy a few polishes from Quixotic Polish for the first time, but didn't try them for ages as they are more the sort of thing I'd wear in the autumn/winter. These two are from their Flakie Bombs collection which is soooo incredibly beautiful! I resisted the other shades but that was tough! They had a picture of them all together which looked so pretty I wanted to frame it! Still tempted to go back for the rest...

ANYway, onto the polishes... first up is Nightshade, a deep green jelly polish with green flakes and specs of glitter. This polish is SO beautiful! It's got so much depth to it. I thought it might just be quite dark and come out a bit more black but I'm so pleased with how green it is. A very strong start! 

Next up is Ambrosia, a beautiful teal-blue-green, I'm not really sure what you'd call this to be honest but it's lovely! It looks different colours in different lights, my favourite is when that purple-y red flare shows up as you can see in the picture of my thumb nail. Looking at the pictures again it's hard to choose a favourite but this one really did wow me when it caught the light!