Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Monthly Indie Review - Cupcake Polish

Hello nail world! For this months indie polish review I have tried Cupcake Polish. This is another US brand, but I purchased them from Rainbow Connection which distributes to the UK with very reasonable postage costs. Below are the polishes in the bottles, Berry Good Looking is on the left, and Copa Girls on the right. You can see in the bottles on the right that the colours look like they have separated a little. When I actually used them however they came out smoothly and well mixed.

First up is Berry Good Looking. This is what reeally made me want to try Cupcake Polish. I've seen a whole bunch of pictures of it on Instagram and it is just such a stunning and vibrant shade. I struggled to photograph the magical holo flare, but you can see below how bright and lovely the colour is. The polish was reasonably thick and a one coater. I wore it for four days with no chipping (even with no top coat). there was some slight rubbing away at the ends of my nails, but that does happen to me relatively often, and I was using my hands quite a lot as I was travelling and carrying suitcases etc. Removed nice and easy considering it's a holo, though this may have been helped by no top coat.

Next I tried Copa Girls, which I fell totally in love with! I had this on for nearly a week I just did not want to take it off! It lasted impressively well with no chipping or rubbing, despite having no top coat. I initially wanted to get Bluebell Girls, which is from the same collection (Vegas Showgirls Collection) but Rainbow Connection ran out and I was desperate to make my order before they ran out of something else I wanted! I chose this one and it did not disappoint (I am however dying for Bluebell Girls and Jubilee from the collection).

Anyway, back to the polish! This was a lovely consistency to paint with and was nearly a one coater, probably could be if applied thickly. I used two coats with no top coat.It was very lightly textured thought not as textured as I expected. It has a lovely combination of glitters, some holo, tiny silver glitter and little silver flakies. I would highly recommend this polish and will be purchasing more from the same collection.
So in conclusion, despite all my raving about Copa Girls, I honestly don't think I could choose a favourite of these two. They're both lovely. I love how well Berry Good Looking stood out against dark clothes, and how well they both seemed to go with things. Until next time!

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