Friday, 18 November 2016

Constellation Nails

Good evening everyone, perhaps it's not the evening where you are, but you can pretend it is by looking at my constellation nails! I wanted to do some nail art with one of ,my dark shimmer polishes and this seemed like the perfect option. Casablanca from Jessica nail polish is a black jelly polish with purple/green shimmer throughout. The shimmer gives it a super shiny effect, it reminds me of a beetles wing.

For the constellations I looked on Google images for some inspiration, but did make some up a little to simplify it! I used a dotting tool to map out the stars with Dazzle from Orly, which is super shiny and bright. I then used a small nail art brush to join the dots. Voila!
Colours used: Casablanca - Jessica, Dazzle - Orly

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