Sunday, 27 November 2016

Stamping Sunday: The Little Mermaid

Under the sea, under the sea! It's probably not quite this sparkly under the sea...(but it should be). I'd been trying to get my hands on this Little Mermaid stamping plate from Loja BBF for aaages and am pleased with how crisp and detailed the images are. I used my Uber Chic stamping mat and stamped on the images in black stampoing polish (colours listed below the pictures). I used a dotting tool to colour in the images and covered them in clear polish. Once dry I peeled them off, trimmed them and stuck them on my nails, covering with a top coat.

A couple of the images didn't come out so well so I used a starfish pattern from a Bundle Monster plate on my spare nails. I was very pleased with how these turned out. The images are cute and I think the colours worked really well. I'd be tempted to try it again with random colours instead of trying to match it to pictures from the film. I think the super holo glitter caught peoples eye so I got a fair few compliments on these. I was sad to take them off!
Colours used: Lusty Lavender - Painted Polish, Black Knight - Mo You London, Guava - Barry M, Charlotte Street - Nails Inc, Passion Fruit - Barry M, Dead Heat - Barry M, Cyan - Barry M, Wardour Street - Nails Inc, Sunny Days - Rimmel

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