Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cirque Colors Facets Collection - Lazy Swatches

Happy 1st December everyone! Tonight I'm very excited to be bringing you my lazy swatches of the new Cirque Colors Facets collection. I have adored this collection since I first laid eyes on it and don't ussually treat myself to a whole collection, but it was my birthday recently and I just couldn't resist!

The facets collection consists of six glittering gem inspired polishes, full of flakies and shimmer. Due to a very busy time at work at the moment and trying to cram in as much nail art as possible before Christmas, I have opted for a lazy version of swatches! I actually rather liked the way it looked in the end and kept the colours on for a couple of days. Minus the thumb nails the others look quite good together I think.

All colours below are two coats of polish with no top coat.
From left to right (1st picture): Paraiba, Tanzanite, Dioptase, Morganite, Garnet, Smoky Quartz

One of the first two colours I ordered was Morganite, a lovely peachy champagne colour. I really like how sophisticated and unusual it looks. It's a perfect party season colour but also a good year round polish.

This one is a little more sheer than some of the others. The picture two the left is two coats but I think in the light the smile line is still visible, so you may want to try three coats of this one for more opaque coverage.

Next up is Dioptase, a tealy green packed with shimmer/flakies. Coverage is good in two coats. I thought of this as a dark teal at first but seeing it next to the others it looks more green. I'd be tempted to use it in some Christmas nail art.

Tanzanite is one I really shouldn't have bought, as I have other colours not too dis-similar, it is exactly the sort of thing I like! It's another good coverage shade that covers well in two coats.

I'm really pleased with this colour as it's just so rich and so sparkly!

Paraiba is certainly the most summery of all the shades in this collection. I was super excited to try it but it probably won't feature in my Christmas nail art.

This shade is the other slightly more sheer polish in the collection. You can see here that with two coats the smile line is still a bit visible, another coat would certainly smooth this out.

Smoky Quartz as you can see is quite different to the other polishes in this collection in colour. It's also quite an unusual colour, with just one coat it's actually a deep brown rather than black. I like that about it but I wish it looked more brown once two coats have been used.

Had it been a more deep brown looking polish I think it would have been good for reindeer nails! That being said it is a lovely polish and has a sophisticated look.

Garnet is a lovely deep red sparkly polish, perfect for this time of year!

I wish I'd got a better picture of this as it is rather lovely. It's such a rich, deep colour, and of course the sparkle and many flakies are always a winner!

So, in conclusion, these colours are utterly gorgeous! I think my favourite is possibly morganite as it's unusual and dainty. However it is a tough choice, I love the bluey greeny colours, Tanzanite is just dazzling!

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