Friday, 30 December 2016

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Hi everyone! It'as getting frosty outside so I've reflected this on my nails! This was one of the many Christmassy designs I was running out of time for, so decided to do them afterwards, it's still Christmas time till the tree comes down! I started with a base of Nails Inc's 'The Serpentine' which is a gorgeous navy blue. I haven't worn it for ages and forgot how lovely it is! There's a bonus picture of it alone at the bottom of this post.

Next I applied two layers of ILNP's 'Mega', a shimmery holo over the polish on my thumb and ring finger, and some snow glitter on my index and pinky fingers. For the snowflakes I used my QA57 stamping plate (no idea what brand - it was my first ever stamping plate and was bought cheap on eBay!). On the silver nails I used The Serpentine for blue snowflakes, and on my middle finger I used Soho Silver from Nails Inc, as Mega doesn't stamp very well. Fortunately they seemed to match well enough!

Once I'd finished I had a bit of a dilemma! I had been intending to put snowmen over some of the snowflakes, but I rather liked the design without them (picture at the bottom of this post). I dithered for a bit and then decided to try the snowmen as that was my original plan, this turned out to be a bit of a mistake, as you will see below. The polish I used was very thick as it was nearly finished and so my snowmen came out very blobby! Still, I kept it on for a few days, new year nails next!!

Colours used: The Serpentine - Nails Inc, Mega - ILNP, Soho Silver - Nails Inc, Snow Glitter - No7 at Boots, Coconut - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI, Papaya - Barry M

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