Sunday, 22 January 2017

Stamping Sunday: Shimmering Aquatics

Happy Sunday everyone! I am sooo sad that the weekend is almost over! On the plus side I have some shimmery aquatic themed nail art to show you. I rather liked this design, the colours and images are very typically the sort of thing I go for. I started with a purple metallic base on three of my fingers (colours listed below pictures), and a shimmery off white/very pale grey on my thumb and ringer fingers. I used Mo You London's Animal 01 stamping plate and Barry M silver foil polish to create the initial images. I used the advanced stamping technique and my Uber Mat. You can see a tutorial on how here.

I liked my right hand best as the fish was more detailed and the octopus looked like it was running towards something! The Jessica polishes are a gift from my boyfriend. Each year for Christmas he gets me a new one, it's become a bot of a tradition. This time I got two (one was the purple and the other some holo bar glitter) so I can't wait to try out the second!
Colours used: Prima Donna - Jessica Nail Polish, Lakodom - Picture Polish, Indigo Glow - Jessica Nail Polish, Silver Foil Effect - Barry M, Casablanca - Jessica Nail Polish

Just had to add a couple of detailed shots of the thumbs as I think these were my favourite par of the mani, they are so cute, especially the one on the right!
And finally... here is a bonus picture of my nails pre-stamping, and my work space. I had re-shaped them before this design so was enjoying seeing the new colour on my 'new' nails!

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