Sunday, 29 January 2017

Stamping Sunday: Whales & Penguins

Happy Sunday! Today I have another stamping design, nothing fancy but certainly very seasonal. I haven't used Topshops matte metallic polishes for ages, I got them a couple of years ago and very much fell in love with them, but of course I've fallen in love with many other polishes since then and they've got a little left behind! This blue is called Virtuous and I think it's a lovely elegant wintery shade. I decided of course to take away some of the elegance but adding little blubbery arctic creatures!

I used the penguin and killer whale images from Mo You London's Animal 04 stamping plate for the accent nail, and then used a small nail art brush to paint a small semi-circle using black matte metallic polish Scream. I liked the effect of this but it was actually only done because it was a necessity. My nails have got a little long for Mo You's smaller images at the moment so there was a gap underneath the images.

I'm off to Krakow in Poland with work till Thursday evening, so will probably be back with my design for Krakow on Friday. Have a good week!
Colours used: Virtuous - Topshop, Alpine Snow - OPI, Black Knight - Mo You London, Scream - Topshop

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