Sunday, 10 February 2019

Winter Brights with Cirque Facets Polishes

Hey everyone! Something bright today for the winter months, well, apart from the black, but it was January when I did these so it seemed appropriate! Besides, I like the contrast. I haven't worn black nail polish for a while and  I enjoyed the shininess!  I originally intended for these to feature all the new Facets shades, but once I got started I wasn't sure how well that would work, Also meant to do the thumb nails in the pattern as well but had time pressure and it's quite a fiddly one to colour in!

For the pattern I used Mo You London's Crystal 01 plate (can't wait to try out the actual crystal images!), and decided to add a bit more of the orangey-pink polish on my middle finger. Not 100% sure if that was the right decision or should have left it black. Padparadscha was the first polish I thought I'd use from the newer Cirque Color's Facets shades but it's turned out to be the last! I'm not 100% on it to be honest, it is more orange than I expected.

For the image I used the advanced stamping technique (see how here). It was a bit of a fiddly one to colour in but worth it I think! I'll definitely use this image again.
Colours used: Lady In Black - OPI, Padparadscha - Cirque Colors, Emerald - Cirque Colors, Sapphire - Cirque Colors, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish

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