Sunday, 29 September 2019

A Cactus Glitter Explosion!

Finally getting round to sharing my holiday nails! A week ago yesterday we got back from our two week trip to Canada and the US. We travelled flew to Toronto and travelled from there to New York, stopping at many places on the way. We squeezed a lot in so though amazing, it was also quite tiring! I feel like I've fully recovered from the jet lag now, though I wouldn't say no to a three day weekend just to be sure!

So this is the nail art I had on for that full two weeks. I wanted something that would last well, and as chunky glitter is so hard to get off I thought that would do the trick - and indeed it is! I was intending to go for a bit of a negative space look, with sheer pale pink under the glitter, as any chips would then be less obvious, but I did go a tad overboard with the glitter so it was reasonably solid.

For the cacti I used the Uber Chic Succulents and Mo You London Hipster 18 plates and created decals using the advanced stamping technique (you can see how here). It took a while as I created a lot of decals (most of the cactus images have been separated as decals so I could place them side by side on my nails, showing in different positions than they were on the stamping plate). I was inspired by someone on Instagram for this nail art but I can't remember who! They definitely went more subtle with the glitter! I was fairly pleased with these and enjoyed being super sparkly, I was pleasantly surprised by how long they lasted too, only one chip in two weeks!
Colours used: Bashful - Barry M, Yellow Topaz - Barry M, Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Green Park - Nails Inc, Can't Find My Czechbook - OPI, Pomegranate - Barry M