Thursday, 10 December 2015

Throwback Thursday: Trees and Dots

Today's' throwback is obviously from a shorter nail moment for me! I've just given them a trim this evening as they were getting very talon like again. This month I think there will be a great variety of nails lengths in my posts!

I think this design is quite modern, I took inspiration from Pinterest, and wanted to use a new sparkly green I'd got. They make me think of wrapping paper. They are possibly not quite as christmassy as I'd intended but I like the final effect. My favourite nail is of course the accent nail with the little tree and star. This was stuck on with regular nail polish as I find it's surprisingly adhesive!

Colours Used: Coconut - Barry M, Emerald City - Models Own, Uptown Glamour by Kate Spade - Nails Inc, 500 - L'Oreal

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