Friday, 10 June 2016

Snake snake! Ohh it's a snake!

Snake snaaake! Tonight I am very sleepy, so I'm sharing some very lively nails! For these nails I used the OPI color paints to get a really vibrant colour. I thought they'd be good for a stripy snake as they blend well together.

I started with a white base and then used a nail art pen to draw a snake outline onto each hand. I like the shape in the picture on the top left best, though I had originally intended to do a fairly straight shape for both. Next I used a small nail art brush to paint strips in a variety of color paint colours along the snake. One dry I used a thinner brush to outline the snake, and paint on a tongue in red. I used a dotting tool for the eyes.

I like this one a lot I think it's good fun. The straight-ish snake could have been neater I think, but they were good entertainment for a while! Ssssssssss!

Colours used: Alpine Snow - OPI, Nail Art Pen in Black - Barry M, Primarily Yellow - OPI, Chromatic Orange - OPI, Pen & Pink - OPI, Purple Perspective - OPI, Turquoise Aesthetic - OPI, Lady In Black - OPI, Red Hot Rio - OPI

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