Tuesday, 28 June 2016

HPB Presents: Glitter Jelly Strawberries

Today I am taking part in another Hobby Polish Bloggers link up, this month the theme is fruit. I think it's a great theme, seasonal and plenty of options, and am glad to be taking part again. I haven't had a proper look yet but I've had a brief glance and I have to say there are some gorgeous designs! Mine didn't go quite to plan, so I'm putting it up before I scare myself by looking at everyone elses!

I spent a lot of time deciding what to do for this theme, I was very tempted to do pineapples again, but then it occurred to me that I could use this to do glitter-jelly-sandwich nails for the first time, so I went with strawberries.

I started with a base of Cosmic Girl from Danglefoot polish, I've included a picture below though I found it hard to capture all the lovely sparkles, hence the weird lighting! Next I painted on a layer of Pen & Pink from OPI's color paints collection. It was very bright at this stage! I painted on the strawberry seeds with white, and then thought they looked too bright so out another layer of pink over the top. I do quite like the subtle effect this left. It's just about a pond mani! Finally I painted on the leaves in white, and then dabbed on some green for a mottled leafy effect.

As you can see from the pictures, the glitter didn't show through, which is a shame as I would have liked sparkly strawberries! I think the textured effect did give it something though. You can see my more successful attempts at fruit nails here: Lemons or Five a day, I've also done a few pineapple designs in the past. Please be sure to check out the other mani's for this theme (links below the pictures), there are some really stunning designs!
Colours used: Cosmic Girl - Danglefoot Polish, Pen & Pink - OPI, Alpine Snow - OPI, Turquoise Aesthetic - OPI


  1. Using that textured glitter underneath was a brilliant idea! I can almost feel the real strawberry surface!

  2. I love the textured look of the strawberries, that is so perfect!

  3. I like the idea of glitter as a base for adding texture!

    1. Thank you :) I hoped it would stay sparkly too, but never mind!