Sunday, 3 July 2016

Stamping Sunday: A Subtle Holo

Happy Sunday everyone, it's been nice and sunny in the south of the UK today, hope it's been sunny for you too! Sun is the perfect kind of weather for showing the manicure I'm blogging about today, though unfortunately it did not quite go to plan.

I started with a base of shimmering and lightly holographic cobalt blue from A England (details below pictures), it's a really beautiful shade and suits me well I think. I decided I would try out a pattern from my new Back to the 20's 04 plate from Mo You London. I tested out the image in paper first using a metallic and a holo polish, and went for the holo as although more subtle I love the way it caught the light.

Sadly what I did not think through was that over dark blue the polish would be even more subtle, to the point where in some lights it's barely even visible, oops! The pictures below are in good light so you can see the design, I couldn't capture the holo very well. Still, I love the pattern and very much look forward to using it again with a better colour combination!
Colours used: Spirit Of The Moors - A England, Mega - ILNP

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