Friday, 22 July 2016

Monthly Indie Review: Picture Polish

Hello everyone, happy Friday! I am extra excited this Friday as I have my first week off of the year (bad planning there!), I'm off to Wales with my boyfriend and his family and I can't wait. I think I will still be blogging as I'm taking my laptop with me. Today I am showing you my first review of a brand I've wanted to try for soooo long! I discovered Picture Polish years ago before I even know indie polish was a thing. But I didn't fancy the expensive postage. Now I know I can get them at Rainbow Connection, yay! :)

Below are the colours I decided to try. I'd seen Lakodom online loads and Instagram for the last year and just had to try this delicate shimmery shade. The second is Ocean. Everything about this colour is my kind of thing! I love blue I love the ocean, I love glitter, and I love the little quote on the bottle.

The first one I tried was Lakodom, it's a little more grey than I expected. I thought it would be an off white. Still, I have a bit of a thing for grey polish so it's fine by me! It was easy to use and painted on well, but I did find it very thin. I ended up using four coats rather than my usual two! Still as you can see in the fourth picture my nail line was visible in bright light! Overall not as impressed with this one as would have hoped, but I do still like it.

Next up is Ocean, and oh my goodness where do I start! This colour is absolutely stunning, I just kept looking at my hands! The glitter is a mixture of holo and tiny flakies that combine to create a beautiful shade the glitters in all lights, catching the light especially in the sun. It is flattering, and I imagine it would be for all skin tones, and paints on well. I used two coats for the pictures below.
Overall I am pleased with these nail polishes. The Ocean one is a firm favourite! I really like the bottle design as well. I like the shape and how they have the quotes/phrases on the bottle, and the name in bold. It's  bit different to what I usually see. Thanks for reading!

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