Sunday, 31 July 2016

Stamping Sunday: Great Gatsby Nails

Good evening! Just in time to get one more blog post in before August! Today's design is from a couple of weeks ago when I needed smart nails, but didn't fancy just a plan colour. These colours are a little wintery, I think they'd be great for autumn/winter. I just really fancied using Butter London's Bramble again, it's such a lovely rich creamy polish. The colour I stamped with is technically a rose gold, though it looked more gold over the purple. It still just had that little hint of something different to a normal gold though which I liked.

For the design I tried out a range of the patterns from my Back To The 20's 04 plate from Mo You London's time traveller collection. It was lovely to see them in action! The designs really remind me of the Great Gatsby film that came out a few years ago. I particularly like the more detailed patterns like the one on my middle and ring fingers on each hand. I think I will try this colour combination again later in the year, for now I'm sticking to summer colours!
Colours used: Bramble - Butter London, Kings Road - Nails Inc


  1. that indigo blue polish is so elegant!

    1. Thank you Sara :) It's one of my more 'grown up' polishes!

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