Thursday, 28 July 2016


Good evening nail world! Today I am sharing a manicure I did based on memories and science! You may wonder what on earth the title is about, or maybe you don't. I recently watched a documentary on lights in nature, where they had these microbe/plankton like creatures that produced glowing light in the water, they are called dinoflagellates (a great word!). There was some gorgeous footage of dolphins splashing through the water with glow in the dark water spraying out behind them! Based on this and the weather getting warmer, I decided to try out the second of my Ellagee dolphin collection polishes, Rainbow Reef, I did also use a glow in the dark top coat, but unfortunately I had no idea how to photograph it! One to think about for my next glow in the dark mani!

Rainbow Reef is a top coat with dolphin and star shaped glitter, and a variety of pastel coloured hexagonal glitters. It really reminds me of a little plastic pendant I got by the sea at Weston Super Mare. We went there to visit my Gran when she was on holiday and it's one of my earliest memories. We also went on an awesome double swing and I rode a donkey! The pendant is a clear plastic bauble with clear liquid in and little pastel shells and stars etc. I like having this polish to bring back the memories as I've no idea if the pendant still exists!
Colours used: Mint Green - Barry M, Rainbow Reef - Ellagee

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