Sunday, 5 June 2016

Stamping Sunday: Floral Patterns & Barry M Coconut Polish

Happy Sunday everyone! I must admit I'm not looking forward to being back at work, going to be a busy week! Today I'm showing a bit of ad-hoc stamping and my belated thoughts on Barry M's coconut infusion polish. I'm currently on a nail polish buying ban (nooo!) so haven't been able to buy any of the coconut infusion polishes to try. Fortunately I was given Surfboard as a gift so have been able to try just one!

As expected, and hoped for, it includes the wide brush shape which makes it paint on smoothly, and it's nice and easy to get neat edges. Although it was pale it was nice and opaque, below is two coats. I was really impressed with the formula, it paints on well and is lovely and shiny. I like the lid colour too!

For the stamping I used a silvery rose metallic polish, which gave a very girly finish! A lot girlier than the sort of thing I usually go for. I used my Mo You London Pro Plate 06 for the patterns. I hadn't used all of them yet so enjoyed giving them a try. I particularly like the images on my middle fingers. What do you think?
Colour: Surfboard - Barry M, Kings Road - Nails Inc


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    1. Hehe thanks!! I will have to invest in some more of these coconut infusion ones