Saturday, 18 June 2016

Monthly Indie Review: Emily de Molly

This months indie polish review is a little smaller than usual (I ordered it as part of a bulk buy, and just couldn't justify one more polish!). I'll go ahead and say straight away though that this nail polish totally deserves a whole blog post to itself!

Today I am reviewing Turbulence from Emily de Molly. I saw it on Etsy a while back, but didn't fancy the postage which was about as much as the nail polish itself! So when I saw it on Rainbow Connection I jumped at the chance!

It's a blue jelly polish, filled with an assortment of different glitter shapes. There is a fine blue glitter in there, with some larger blue glitters and diamonds, and a few multi coloured medium sized glitters.
Here you can see it in different lighting, it really seemed to maintain it's extreme shine and sparkle in all light. even in the office! The pictures don't quite to it justice. I ended up having this on for a week as I just couldn't bring myself to take it off, and I've lost count of the number of compliments I got! I was even told my a beautician at a spa I went to that it looked like professional gels. It is a truly beautiful nail polish.

It's probably worth mentioning why Dance Legends peel of glitter base is in the picture at the top. I thought it would be worth using as it can be so hard to remove chunky glitter from nails. It held amazingly well for a week, but was pretty hard to get rid of and seemed to damage the top layer of my nails. Might just stick to soaking it off next time!

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