Sunday, 30 July 2017

Nails Inc Matchbox

Hi everyone! I'm branching out today with one of Nails Inc's matchboxes which includes a nail polish and a lipstick. First time I've reviewed any other make up item besides nail polish so forgive my lack of expertise! I got the 'Mint' set as it looks subtle and sophisticated. There are matchboxes in three more shades: pale pink, bright pink and red. I don't really do pink and have plenty of red polish and lipstick already so went for this one.

So the box is very cute, the plastic casing of the nail polish and lipstick slides out as if it was a matchbox, and there is a nail file down the side to complete the effect. The nail polish is a good consistency and is a one coater if applied right. It comes with Nails Inc's wide tapered brush which is lovely for applying polish with. It dries shiny and lasts well, all round winner! I found the shade flattering too. It's a stylish shade which is also perfect for work.
Here are shots in different lighting of the lipstick with the nail polish. I don't have a lot of lipstick, but I have to say I was really impressed with this one. It applies smoothly with a matte finish. The shade was really flattering and it lasted for ages without feeling thick or sticky. The pictures below have a fairly light covering of the polish, which is probably why it doesn't quite look like they match! I think the natural colour underneath is affecting it.
So definitely a winner, and I am tempted to try the red, even though I definitely don't need another red polish! My only issue with nail polish shades like this is that they don't usually fit into the nail art I do, I'll just have to think of something different!

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