Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Sparkle Like A Unicorn!

Hello unicorns! Hello also to anyone else whose stumbled across my blog today. Today I'm sharing my review of Nails Inc's 'Sparkle Like A Unicorn' duo, which I am very glad to finally have my hands on! It's a set of two gloriously shimmery full sized polishes for £15, which is half the price of one of their normal newer polishes - I think they missed a trick there! It sold out pretty quickly the first time round so I was glad to be able to get some from the second batch.

I tested them out together on both hands so I could see how well they worked as a pair. My thoughts on the individual polishes are below:

Rainbow Wishes - I started with the lovely pearlescent purple, Rainbow Wishes. This is definitely the most unicorn-esque (that's a thing now) of the two shades, and of most nail polish shades to be honest. It was quite sheer to start with but built up well. I'd recommend two to three coats, probably three if you want it opaque.

Dream Dust - Next up is dream dust, a shimmering rose gold. The roseyness depends on  the lighting, in some pictures it looks really quite pink. You can see a bit of bronze/pink shift in the pictures below. I'd say it;s a bit like a pinker version of Cirque Color's ever popular polish, Halcyon. I used two coats for this one.
Colours used: Rainbow Wishes - Nails Inc, Dream Dust - Nails Inc

So in conclusion I of course love them! I look forward to trying some unicorn nail art with them in the future.

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