Monday, 3 July 2017

Ibiza Meebox Review (June Box 2017)

Hi everyone! I've put the Ibiza Meebox card at the top of this post to avoid any spoilers, but I think I'm too late for that to be an issue now! I can't seem to keep up with blogging at the moment with so much going on (we're buying our first house :D).

So this is the second Meebox I have purchased, the last was around this time last year. I love the themes they do and they have consistently good polishes, I just can't always justify getting them in case of duplicates. This was a little treat before I have to be good to save for moving!

Read on to see what's in June's Ibiza themed Meebox...

Before I even get into the items in the box I just have to compliment the lovely tissue paper! I want it in back or nail polish form!

The polishes:

Models Own - Beach Hut (RRP £4.99) - So starting with my favourite of the polishes, we have the lovely neon orange beach hut. The coverage and consistency on this are great I am really impressed, and the colour is so vibrant. With this and the other polishes I painted them on the swatch sticks over white, but this one probably doesn't even need that.

Zoya - Mirajane (RRP £11.70) - This gorgeous blue is the least neon of the set but goes very well with the neon's and is pretty bold and bright over white. This polish is on the sheer side but covers in two to three coats. Dries fairly matte.

Nails Inc - Claridge Gardens (RRP £15) - This polish is quite sheer so goes best over a white base (such as the neon activator included in this box) and comes out as a lovely bright neon shade. I don't think it could be used on it's own though, possibly but with a lot of layers!

Nails Inc - Neon Activator Mini (RRP £8) - The last polish (pictures shown below) is Nails Inc's neon activator. I had seen this before and thought this isn't a 'neon activator' it's just white polish! I have been very much won over though! This is a strong one coater with a good consistency. It dried matte and makes a perfect base for neons and brights. I'm not sure if I'd pay £8 for a 5ml bottle, but I'm certainly tempted by a full size one.

Non-polish items:

Deco It Designer Nail Decals (RRP £4) - These look like striping tape to use as stencils but are actually for sticking on your nails as part of nail art. I have to say I am so impressed with these. You don't even need to trim them as once they're stuck down firmly on your nail you can just pull them and the excess tape will snap off. Plus I love the shiny ones and they come in a variety of lengths. Will definitely check the website out for more.

NCLA Nail Wraps (RRP £12) - These wraps I haven't tried yet so can't say how good they are but they're certainly pretty! I can't decide whether to use them all at once or as part of nail art with some of the other items in this box.

Below is the nail art I did using all three colours (over the neon activator) and the nail art tape. I love the way these turned out and have had them on for nearly a week. They have such a holiday feel!
So in conclusion I'm definitely happy with this box. I wanted some neon's anyway as I only had one, and I really love the extra's/ non-polish items. Next months theme is birds of paradise which sounds lovely and summery as well. Unfortunately I have to be strict with saving money so won't be getting that one, but I'm sure I'll be back!

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