Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tropical Tuesday!

Today's tropical Tuesday design is a rather vibrant one from last year. Bit of bubbling going on if you look closely as I was getting towards the end of a top coat bottle! I'm not ussually one for hot pink, but for that reason I was quite keen to try the one that came in a Nails Inc pack I got last summer. It's a brilliant colour for toes and also worked well in this bright tropical design.

It was a fairly effortless one, the yellow sunset was just done with the normal brush from the nail polish bottle, and the gradient was done roughly with a nail art gradient sponge (mine's from ebay!). To finish I used a Barry M nail art pen for the birds and palm trees. The dark purply colour was not actually meant to be so dark (and I used blue!) , so there was a bit more contrast than I was aiming for, but I think it worked out :)

Colours used: Seymour Walk - Nails Inc, Yellow - Barry M, Indigo - Barry M, Nail Art Pen in Black - Barry M

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